There is probably not anyone that would not benefit from a well-designed personal training program. And, while there are some who just prefer working one-on-one rather than in a group or on their own, there are others that may require one-on-one sessions for a variety of reasons. Some such as elite/recreational athletes training for specific events/programs may need personal training/coaching sessions to work specifically on their ambitious training goals. Additionally, those in post-rehabilitation from surgery or injury may require one-on-one sessions to safely and effectively train. It is therefore our foremost desire to facilitate “inner strength” for each individual while simultaneously educating them to become more self sufficient in the art of training and recovery.




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    Gym Manager

    • General Manager
    • Fitness Certificate 3 and 4
    • Gym Jones Level 2
    • 10+ years Muay Thai
    • Muay Boran Khan 11
    • Boxing NSW Boxing Coach level 1
    • Powerlifting Coach level 1
    • Australian Weightlifting level 1
    • Indoor Rowing Instructor (RowSmart)