• Duration 1 HOUR
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

Boxing has always been a sport of the underclass, a sport of the underdog. Men have used these arts to fight their way out of poverty, to fight their way out of hopelessness.

When you spend a little time at Final Round Gym, you will also feel a true sense of equality and acceptance. All members of the gym identify with each other as fighters first and foremost, their differences fade into the background in the gym. That is a great part of the vibe at Final Round Gym. Whether you are working out, a real fighter or aspiring fighter, or a participant, you are welcome and respected. Family.

If you’ve never boxed before, don’t worry, our boxing classes are available for all skill levels. Final Round Gym focuses on developing proper punching technique, combinations, and footwork. Each boxing class provides individual training attention and one-on-one time with a boxing coach. Fitness training with boxing builds stamina, self-discipline, and control all while burning fat and gaining muscle. With the proper boxing techniques and dedication to training, our members often notice full body transformations.
Boxing is a sport of speed, timing, and instinct. Final Round Gym places a large focus on  speed and agility training for maximum performance and results. Don’t expect to hit the heavy bag for an hour until your hands are raw. We have developed a training program that hits every major muscle group and works to increase stamina, develop hand-eye coordination, and boost footwork efficiency.



Gym Manager

  • General Manager
  • Fitness Certificate 3 and 4
  • Gym Jones Level 2
  • 10+ years Muay Thai
  • Muay Boran Khan 11
  • Boxing NSW Boxing Coach level 1
  • Powerlifting Coach level 1
  • Australian Weightlifting level 1
  • Indoor Rowing Instructor (RowSmart)